The notes for all of my lectures on patent law and most of the accompanying slide presentations are available in or through a “mind map,” which is available in the formats listed below. (Instructions on how to use one of these maps are available here.)


Beginning in January of 2020, Professor Okediji and I will be offering an networked course on Patent Law, known as PatentX.  The course will take different forms in different settings.  At Harvard Law School, Prof. Okediji and I will teach a short, intensive version of the course in the Winter Term (January 6-22).  At other institutions, the course will be offered at different times; in some, it will also have a more explicitly comparative character than the Harvard version.  The unifying element of all versions of the course will be a set of recorded lectures, access to which is available through this link.


Copies of selected major cases involving patent law are available here.


Harvard Law School examination on Patent Law (2017)