All of the assigned readings are available online through the links in the syllabus, below.  In addition, most of the readings are available in two printed volumes, available (for $10 apiece) from Amazon through the following links:  Volume 1; Volume 2.

I. Origins of Rights to Land (3 classes)

II. Controlling Land Use (6 classes)

A. Introduction

B. Nuisance

C. Light and Air

D. Trespass

E. Zoning

III. Subdividing Rights (6 classes)

A. The Estate System

B. Concurrent Interests

C. Landlords and Tenants

D. Nonpossessory Interests

IV. Transferring Rights (6 classes)

A. Sales

B. Gifts

C. Death

D. Adverse Possession

V. Rights to Water (2 classes)

VI. Rights to Animals (2 classes)

VII. Rights to People (2 classes)

VIII. Rights to Information (4 classes)

A. Health Data

B. Traditional Knowledge

IX. Rights to Innovations (4 classes)

A. Fictional Characters

B. Software